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Singapore Math Tuition


Colourtrain Academy offers comprehensive, personalised, and high-quality mathematics tuition in Singapore for primary and secondary school students. Colourtrain Academy is a tuition centre located in Bukit Batok where we prioritise students above all else. We are dedicated to self-improvement and instilling a deep and abiding love for learning in every individual we tutor. No matter where a student is at in their learning journey, we want to make sure that they’re getting the best possible education they can receive.

Here at Colourtrain Academy, we know every student is unique with their own strengths and weaknesses. Our personalised curriculum ensures that every student gets the specialised help they need, so no student gets left behind. We want to bring out the mathematics prodigy in everyone!

aboutOur team

Singapore Math Tutor
Math Tutor Singapore

ColourTrain Academy Pte. Ltd. was the brainchild of a husband and wife team, Teacher Mark and Teacher Clara, in 2005. They are both Math Geeks with a passion for mathematics and teaching mathematics.

Teacher Clara and Teacher Mark have been coaching students in Primary and Secondary Math, respectively, for more than ten years. They are both Math graduates from the National University of Singapore. Armed with their years of experience and passion for maths, they are dedicated to imparting impeccable tuition classes to their students. In their teaching philosophy, there is no good or bad student, only a student who has improved and a student who can improve further.

They have never been profit-driven tutors and continue to teach the classes personally instead of outsourcing them to other tutors. They do so not only because they are passionate about teaching but also because Teachers Clara and Mark can be sure that only they will do their utmost to help their students excel!

about Sakamoto


At Colourtrain, we specialise in facilitating learning through the Sakamoto Maths Method™. It is a tried-and-true teaching programme that has been creatively designed to provide the best possible mathematics learning experience for students. It’s being utilised in countries like Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, along with Singapore. Created by a Japanese educator named Dr Hideo Sakamoto in the mid-70s, this teaching technique has become renowned for reliably helping students receive the best possible results and breaking down complex word problems with relative ease. 

This teaching method is an easy and structured technique guaranteed to help your students understand word problems clearly and concisely. They can then use this method to solve the most complex problems without issue. The best part is that, despite its beginnings in Japan, it fits perfectly with the Singapore school syllabus. Let us help your child reach their full potential through Colourtrain Academy, where we provide education that allows them to remain competitive internationally. Come on down to our tuition centre in Bukit Batok to find out more and embark on a learning journey like no other today!

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