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Teacher Mark aka Mr Yong

I am an MOE-trained, ex-school teacher who has been teaching Secondary school math in Singapore for almost 20 years. I firmly believe that every student can excel with the right attitude and when given the proper guidance. As every child is unique, I am constantly finding ways to support each and every one of them individually in developing higher thinking skills. I endeavour to cultivate effective learning methods in each student by observing past exam trends with them and, at the same time, honing their accuracy and speed when answering questions.


I have a proven track record as a tutor in helping weaker but motivated students achieve good results in their GCE 'N/O' Levels. I pay attention to where my students are hitting the proverbial brick wall and then encourage them to attend mini tuition lessons with me to address these issues. I will point out to them which pitfalls to avoid and eradicate the root cause of their misconceptions so they'll be able to gain confidence in their own abilities to do mathematics. Through consistent hard work, specialised attention, and a superior teaching method, I'm here to help Sec 1,2,3 and 4 students reach their full potential.  

Secondary Mathematics Tuition

My Approach

First, I listen. 
I will schedule a meeting with you and your child prior to the commencement of lessons to understand where your child's capabilities at the moment and what you think the areas in need of improvement are.

Then, We share.
Everyone has unique circumstances. Perhaps your child has had an aversion to Mathematics from a young age and has yet to overcome it. After hearing from you, we will discuss how we can work together towards lessening that phobia and achieving set milestones along the way. I will also convey my expectations for your child, e.g. prompt submission of homework. I am a firm believer in treating my students like the young adults that they are, which means that they should learn to take ownership of their own learning. I do not expect the impossible, but I do expect my students to do their best.

Lastly, I provide feedbacks.
Every learning journey will have ups and downs, so I try to provide regular feedback to parents (before or after class or via texts) to let them know how their child is doing. With that, we can work together as a team to bring out the best in your child!

The Lessons

The tuition classes I teach focus on providing secondary school students with a more well-rounded education. I do my best to ensure that students see the value of what they are learning and aim to impart a lasting passion for math.


To make sure that every student has a complete knowledge of the curriculum, I tailor my lessons to their individual needs. For a more qualified,  passionate and specialised sec 1, 2, 3 and 4 math tutor in Singapore, visit us at Colourtrain Academy and allow your child to embark on their learning journey today.


Here is a video of some of my students detailing their experiences in my class:

“I joined Teacher Clara's Sakamoto Math class in Primary 1, under the encouragement of my brother, who at that time, was in one of Teacher Clara's Primary 6 class. He found the Sakamoto Math Method interesting & liked Teacher Clara's teaching style. Taking part in the Sakamoto Math Competitions gave me more confidence and ignited my passion for Math. I'm happy to say that Teacher Clara & the Sakamoto Method are the key factors to my great success in Math. ”
- Powrnima Sathiamoorthy (PSLE A)

  • How are classes conducted at Colourtrain Academy?
    Teacher Clara believes that having meaningful conversations with her students' parents is critical in setting the wheels in motion. Parents are encouraged to share more about their child's learning attitude, how they are coping in school, their weaker topics etc., so that Teacher Clara can try to tailor her learning materials to suit the child. Although her classes are in a group setting, this specific customization is made possible due to her smaller class size (maximum of six students). Parents are also encouraged to check in with her regularly to find out how their child is doing in her class. For students in Primary 3, Primary 4, Primary 5 and Primary 6 especially, it is recommended that they attend math tuition so as to gain a deeper insight into the subject and to do well for their Math exams. For new students who have just joined her class, she will provide feedback on how they respond to the methods taught in class and her follow-up plan. Students who attend her classes regularly will be given information and insider tips for solving primary school math questions quickly and effectively which schools usually don't provide. During lessons, concepts for new topics will be taught first, followed by exercises for the students to attempt in class. These exercises will be marked on the spot so that Teacher Clara can address the student's doubts immediately before moving on to more advanced questions. Homework will be issued almost every week, and students are required to submit it promptly during the next lesson.
  • Can The Sakamoto Maths Method™ help primary school students in math?
    Yes, definitely! Teacher Clara's students' PSLE results are testimony to the effectiveness of The Sakamoto Maths Method™. Parents need not be concerned that their child will be penalised for using this method to solve the questions during PSLE. Its strategy is simple, organised, and guaranteed to improve students' comprehension of word problems. Students can apply this approach to solve even the most challenging questions without difficulty. The best part is that, although it has its roots in Japan, The Sakamoto Maths Method™ curriculum has been customised to integrate seamlessly into the Singapore Primary Math curriculum. If you're looking for a primary school math tutor in Singapore, a tuition centre like ColourTrain Academy, which utilises this method, is a great choice.
  • Which areas of the Singapore Primary Math curriculum will the primary math classes at Colourtrain Academy cover?
    Teacher Clara's Primary Math classes at Colourtrain Academy provide comprehensive lessons covering almost all of the Primary Math curriculum, emphasising on problem-solving. This is especially important since a solid understanding of Math is critical as it is a foundational subject necessary for most higher institution courses. So, if you're looking for Primary school math tuition to cover any gaps in your child's understanding of the syllabus, Colourtrain Academy is a great choice - especially for parents who are seeking Primary 5 and 6 math tuition for their children to prepare them well for their upcoming PSLE.
  • Why are small group sizes at Colourtrain Academy preferable than large group sizes at other centres?
    The efficacy of small group tuition sessions is much more noticeable than normal group size due to the additional needs-specific support it offers. This is especially true for math tuition for primary school children. In addition, there is more opportunity for teacher-student interaction due to the lower student-teacher ratio. Small group sizes also facilitate discussion, which is a significant part of Teacher Clara's classes.
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