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Will my child be confused?

The concept behind the Sakamoto Math Method & the model drawing method is similar, so you don't have to worry about your child being confused. Having said that, presentation-wise, it is different from the model drawing method, but it can be easily adapted when necessary. 

Will the school teacher oppose to my child using the Sakamoto Math Method?

The Sakamoto Math Method is a program that has been approved by M.O.E. We have conducted teachers' training workshops in many schools and most teachers find the Sakamoto Math Method useful. Some have even used this method to teach their students as there are limitations to the model drawing method, especially when it comes to challenging questions. There will, of course, still be teachers who are insistent that students use only the model drawing method, and that is why we always emphasize to our students the importance of writing their equations clearly, as their teachers may not understand their “game plan”, but they will surely understand their equations!

The Straits Times Forum Page (17 Feb 2007)
“Pupils are encouraged to try different approaches and have the flexibility to choose the method that works the best for them in solving problems. They are also encouraged to express their solutions clearly so these can be understood. While pupils are not required to use algebra to solve word problems in PSLE Mathematics, they are also not restricted to the use of any one particular method. In the marking of the PSLE Mathematics, all mathematically correct solutions are acceptable and there is no loss of marks if a correct algebraic method is used. ” 

Ho Peng (Director, Curriculum Planning & Devpt, M.O.E.)
Tan Yap Kwang (Chief Executive, Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board)

         Why is the Sakamoto Math Method effective?

“Prior to learning about the Sakamoto Math Method, I too had some problems solving the challenging Math questions at the P5 & P6 level, even though I was a Math graduate. It was only after I learnt the Sakamoto Math Method, which emphasizes on the importance of identifying the key points of the questions & having a “game plan” before attempting to solve the question, then I realised that these challenging questions can also be easily solved. Actually the more challenging the question is, the easier it is to solve it using the Sakamoto Math Method.”                                           ~ Teacher Clara ~


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