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Primary Math Tuition Singapore
Primary 3 Math Tuition
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Sitting for a Maths exam is akin to taking part in a competitive sport. The ultimate goal is to WIN, and in order to do so, you need to build a GAME PLAN.


Do you have a GAME PLAN for your child's success in Math? If you don't, Sakamoto Trainer, Teacher Clara is here to help!

Teacher Clara

Primary School Math Tuition

For the past 14 years, I have conducted my primary school maths tuition classes mainly using the renowned Sakamoto Method. This is, of course, supplemented with the Bar Model and Heuristic Methods which the students also learn in school. As a result, my students have the best of both worlds, and they'll be able to discern which would be the most effective method to solve the different types of problem sums on their own. Though my emphasis is on problem-solving as a tutor, I will build up the student's foundation first if the need arises.

The Sakamoto Method

The Sakamoto Math Method is a learning method with its origin in Japan. It allows students to solve word problems simply and logically and translates well across every kind of math question. The Sakamoto Method also:

  • Has been localised to suit the Singapore curriculum

  • Can be used during the PSLE

  • Emphasises the importance of identifying the key points of the questions and having a GAME PLAN before attempting to solve the question

  • Allows the child to see the big picture

  • Requires lesser time to solve most questions as compared to the Model Method

  • Is used more extensively from Primary 4, 5, and 6 where the questions are more difficult (For Primary 1 to 3 students, they will still be taught the Model and Heuristic Methods.  

My Approach

First, I listen. 
We will have an honest and transparent conversation about how much your child understands from the syllabus and where they are faltering and could use the help.

Then, We share.
Together we will discuss the outcome of the initial tuition classes and let you know how they take the class and what they will be learning in the Sakamoto Math class. I will also share with your child some Must-Know exam strategies for Math that are perhaps not taught extensively in school but will be crucial during the exam.

Lastly, I provide feedbacks.
Their learning journey will not always be easy, so we provide regular feedback to parents (before or after class or via texts) to let them know how their child is faring in class. Then, we will be able to work as a team to bring out the best in your child! For a dedicated, well-rounded, and attentive math tutor in Singapore, contact us at Colourtrain Academy today!


Many students have benefited from the Sakamoto Math Method under Teacher Clara's tutelage.
Your child can too!

We wish to convey our sincere thanks and appreciation to Teacher Clara. Our son, Russell, had been taught by Teacher Clara since he was in K2. He was doing well initially, until Upper Primary when he lost focus due to his hyperactivity. His grades went south and was in the red. We panicked when he failed his mid year exams and requested for extra coaching. Through her patience and dedication, Russell turned his grade around and scored an A for his prelims. Motivated by the improvement in his grades, he went on to score an A in his PSLE as well. Teacher Clara certainly contributed a great deal to his success using the Sakamoto Math Method. Thank you, Clara!

- Mom of Russell Wong (PSLE A)

Primary School Math Tuition Singapore

“My daughter used to hate solving challenging problem sums as she has difficulty understanding them. However, after attending the Sakamoto classes, her confidence in Math has been greatly elevated and I can see a big improvement in her grades.”
- Mom of Thaddea Chua (PSLE A*)

Math Tuition Primary

“Becoming a Sakamoto student has allowed Jacob to develop an interest in Math in a social setting that would not be possible in home tutoring, The small teacher-student ratio further enhanced the nurturing environment to bring out the best in him.”
- Mom of Jacob So (PSLE A*)

Primary 6 Math Tuition

“I joined Teacher Clara's Sakamoto Math class in Primary 1, under the encouragement of my brother, who at that time, was in one of Teacher Clara's Primary 6 class. He found the Sakamoto Math Method interesting & liked Teacher Clara's teaching style. Taking part in the Sakamoto Math Competitions gave me more confidence and ignited my passion for Math. I'm happy to say that Teacher Clara & the Sakamoto Method are the key factors to my great success in Math.”
- Powrnima Sathiamoorthy (PSLE A)

Primary 5 Math Tuition

“I have joined the Sakamoto Math Program for six years and I joined in P1. The Sakamoto Math Method has made Math much easier for me as the questions were made simpler after I learnt how to apply the Sakamoto Math Method. Teacher Clara has always helped when I'm in doubt and I'm always able to understand the question much more clearly thus performing better in exams.”

- Neo Iching  (PSLE A*)

Primary 4 Math Tuition

“I joined Sakamoto last year when I was in Primary 1. I like the class tremendously. I got 3rd place in the Math Competition. I want to go for the next Math competition next year. It helps me a lot in my Math!”

- Farid Bin Salleh  (2016 Primary 2)

Primary School Math Tutor
  • How are classes conducted at Colourtrain Academy?
    Teacher Clara believes that having meaningful conversations with her students' parents is critical in setting the wheels in motion. Parents are encouraged to share more about their child's learning attitude, how they are coping in school, their weaker topics etc., so that Teacher Clara can try to tailor her learning materials to suit the child. Although her classes are in a group setting, this specific customization is made possible due to her smaller class size (maximum of six students). Parents are also encouraged to check in with her regularly to find out how their child is doing in her class. For students in Primary 3, Primary 4, Primary 5 and Primary 6 especially, it is recommended that they attend math tuition so as to gain a deeper insight into the subject and to do well for their Math exams. For new students who have just joined her class, she will provide feedback on how they respond to the methods taught in class and her follow-up plan. Students who attend her classes regularly will be given information and insider tips for solving primary school math questions quickly and effectively which schools usually don't provide. During lessons, concepts for new topics will be taught first, followed by exercises for the students to attempt in class. These exercises will be marked on the spot so that Teacher Clara can address the student's doubts immediately before moving on to more advanced questions. Homework will be issued almost every week, and students are required to submit it promptly during the next lesson.
  • Can The Sakamoto Maths Method™ help primary school students in math?
    Yes, definitely! Teacher Clara's students' PSLE results are testimony to the effectiveness of The Sakamoto Maths Method™. Parents need not be concerned that their child will be penalised for using this method to solve the questions during PSLE. Its strategy is simple, organised, and guaranteed to improve students' comprehension of word problems. Students can apply this approach to solve even the most challenging questions without difficulty. The best part is that, although it has its roots in Japan, The Sakamoto Maths Method™ curriculum has been customised to integrate seamlessly into the Singapore Primary Math curriculum. If you're looking for a primary school math tutor in Singapore, a tuition centre like ColourTrain Academy, which utilises this method, is a great choice.
  • Which areas of the Singapore Primary Math curriculum will the primary math classes at Colourtrain Academy cover?
    Teacher Clara's Primary Math classes at Colourtrain Academy provide comprehensive lessons covering almost all of the Primary Math curriculum, emphasising on problem-solving. This is especially important since a solid understanding of Math is critical as it is a foundational subject necessary for most higher institution courses. So, if you're looking for Primary school math tuition to cover any gaps in your child's understanding of the syllabus, Colourtrain Academy is a great choice - especially for parents who are seeking Primary 5 and 6 math tuition for their children to prepare them well for their upcoming PSLE.
  • Why are small group sizes at Colourtrain Academy preferable than large group sizes at other centres?
    The efficacy of small group tuition sessions is much more noticeable than normal group size due to the additional needs-specific support it offers. This is especially true for math tuition for primary school children. In addition, there is more opportunity for teacher-student interaction due to the lower student-teacher ratio. Small group sizes also facilitate discussion, which is a significant part of Teacher Clara's classes.
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