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About Us

At globalart, we believe art enhances creativity and are the building blocks of child development. We train children to be creative thinkers and to develop in them problem-solving skills by promoting and nurturing imagination, exploration and the discovery of thinking and doing things differently.

Founded in 1999, the globalart program is recognized for its effective and proven syllabus in inculcating learning discipline and creative thinking in children. Recognizing the need to be creative and analytical in our increasingly competitive world, our comprehensive, systematic and innovative courses are designed to enrich the creative minds of children, developing them in a holistic way, enhancing their emotional, social and cognitive development.

Awarded by the Malaysian Franchise Association as Franchise of the Year (2018), International Franchisor of the Year (Asia Pacific, 2018) and Franchisor of the Year (2018) and recognized by the Malaysia Book of Records as the Largest Chain of Art Centres in 2004, the globalart program is now implemented in 18 countries (Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Myanmar, USA, Australia, Canada, Laos and Saudi Arabia) with more than 600 centres, successfully inspiring a million children worldwide.


Aiming towards a better world, as we are all about embracing creativity and innovation. By introducing early creative education in art, we provide a platform in nurturing young minds to be creative and innovative, optimizing their potential and enriching their lives.


Our mission is to motivate young people to embrace creativity in their everyday lives. We will continuously strive to be creative, innovative, efficient and effective in delivering the best products, training and services to our customers.

Our Creative Program

At globalart, we promote and develop your child’s creativity – at their own pace.


Our motto is to Think Creative. We are all about ideas and developing those ideas through creativity and critical thinking.


Catered to ages 3 to 18, our program is designed to nurture your child’s creativity and to help them express themselves at their own pace through a step-by-step approach and guidance as well as creating a friendly and supportive learning environment.


Taking on a personalized teaching methodology, our Visual Art program that comprises of our Junior, Foundation, Pre-Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels encourages and develops children’s critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, discipline, focus and self-learning skills.


To provide children with a broader perspective of learning and to develop in them a more holistic understanding and exploration of the visual arts, our Enhancement program introduces them to the application of additional knowledge and skills through our wide range of creative art and craft activities such as our Cartoons & Comics, Acrylic Painting, Deco Art Workshop, Handicrafts, G-Clay and Cultural Art courses.

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Our Approach


First, We Listen

We will start with an honest chat with you, to understand where your child is at at the moment, what you think his strengths/weaknesses/interests are & where you want him to be at the end of the learning journey.

Then, We Share

Together we will discuss about the outcome of the trial cum assessment class and let you know your what your child's starting level is & what he will be learning at that level. We will also show you what levels he will progress to later on and the learning points of each level. 


Lastly, We Provide Feedback

There will be ups & downs in the learning journey so we provide regular feedbacks to parents (before or after class) to let them know how their child is doing, so that we can work together as a team to bring out the best in your child.

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