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How To Support Your Children Through The Exam Season

How To Support Your Children Through The Exam Season

Exam season is the culmination of a student's learning for each school year, and with it comes various challenges and emotions to deal with. Parents often find it tricky to lend a helping hand to their child during such times and alleviate their building stress as the final examination approaches. Thus, whether your child is already an experienced pro or still new to exams, here are some handy tips to support their studies to make them feel calm, confident, and prepared.

1. Ask about their worries and what kind of help they'd like

The pressure children feel during exam season is not due to the exams themselves but mostly the expectations they face. While a touch of pressure is essential to prompt them to prepare as best as possible, too much of it can prove detrimental. Therefore, parents should also be reassuring and supportive in parallel with encouraging their children to do their best.

This can be achieved by communicating with your child and asking what their worries are and if there's something you can do to help. They may need your guidance on revisions, or may need a quick catch up on certain topics with the help of qualified teachers from a well received mathematics tuition centre in Singapore.

No matter their concerns, it is always best to choose your moment for such discussions and approach it in a way that does not feel like you are nagging them to revise but rather an opportunity to confide in you.

2. Provide the right environment for study

The home should be as free of distractions and disruptions as possible to ensure your child can stick closely to their revision schedule. Of course, we're not suggesting that everyone should observe silence at all times, like in libraries.

Providing a good study environment may entail freeing your child of some of their household responsibilities and giving them a dedicated space away from the hustle and bustle of family members so they can focus on their studies uninterrupted.

3. Help your child look after themself

Striking a balance between studying hard and taking time away from the books is crucial to managing stress and giving your brain a breather. This is because overloading the mind will only lead to ineffective studies and wasting precious time. Apart from resting, including some exercise in your child's breaks is also recommended to manage their stress and allow their brains to process their recent learnings.

Next, ensure they follow a healthy diet that lets their minds fire on all cylinders. Even though sugar and caffeine are a mainstay in powering through revisions, their benefits last only in the short term and can lead to irritability and fatigue once they wear off. Thus, nothing beats proper nutrition, as it keeps the brain and the body in optimal condition for the exam season.

Lastly, reserve some time and space where you and your child can talk about positives, worries, and life outside exams. Doing so can help them avoid being overwhelmed by their academic hurdles and enable them to re-energise to push on.

4. Remember that it's not about you

Parents must help their children develop their intrinsic motivation or the capacity to do something alone because it is worth doing, not because someone else is prodding them to do so. Constantly watching over your child and telling them what and how to revise doesn't help them develop this type of motivation.

However, it is entirely reasonable to let them think through the consequences born from their failure, such as:

  • Having to attend more schooling or repeatedly retaking a year

  • Not being able to study their subject or college of choice in the future

Take note that this method aims to raise awareness of what might happen to them down the line and not force them to do something they don't want to.


As former students, parents should know just how daunting and stressful exam seasons can be. Hopefully, this guide serves as a good starting point for supporting your child now that they are treading the same path as you once did.

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