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Preparing Your Child For Their PSLE and O Level Examinations

As the year comes to a close, we draw nearer to the dreaded exam season. Students face one of the biggest challenges of their lives with the upcoming major examinations – be it PSLE or their O Levels.

These examinations are daunting and often life-changing. It's no wonder students find this period incredibly taxing. Many find themselves experiencing unprecedented levels of fear and anxiety when it comes to taking exams for various reasons.

As parents, you don't want your child to take on unwanted stress. So, how do you go about easing their worries and providing your support for them? Read on to find out.

1. Set realistic expectations

Firstly, it's essential that you, as a parent, reduce your expectations. While you may feel like you're only doing what's best for them, research shows that parental expectations are one of the significant contributors to stress in students.

Avoid telling your child to beat the rest of the class or get all 'A's. This places a lot of unwanted pressure on your child and can cause significant distress if they don't match up to your standards.

Parents must understand that not every child can be a top scorer at everything. Children are individuals with their own strengths and weaknesses. Adjust your expectations accordingly to maintain an easier and more supportive environment for your child.

2. Help them make their own study goals

Finding the time to revise and remaining motivated to do so can be challenging, especially when your child finds themselves with a full timetable. In these cases, you want to look out for your child by helping them set their own small goals to meet when doing their revision.

For example, give them a few maths problem sums to do by the end of the day. Try doing this with a topic your child enjoys and then progress to concepts they are still grappling with.

When they complete the tasks you set for them, they feel a sense of accomplishment that provides them with the motivation to keep up with their revision. The work will also seem less intimidating when broken down like that, and it helps them gain confidence in their abilities.

3. Encourage proper study habits

When it comes to studying, it's vital that they utilise good study habits throughout the year – not just nearing the exams. Being prepared helps reduce the pressure they feel during exam season. Good study habits include:

  • Avoiding last-minute revision: this isn't an effective method as information is rarely retained and only increases their exhaustion.

  • Having a study schedule: routine is good for practice, and practice helps with remembering maths concepts better.

  • Minimising distractions: ensure your child is studying somewhere they won't be disturbed to gain the most out of each session.

  • Revising older work: this helps keep memories fresh and with retaining knowledge.

Other than studying, ensure your child is eating well during their downtime and getting enough sleep. You don't want them to burn out before their PSLE or O Levels.

4. Get them the help they need

It's never too late to engage the help of a math tutor, especially when major math exams are nearing. This is the best time to discuss what they're struggling with and how the tutor can help. If they require supplemental lessons, consider enrolling them in a trusted math tuition centre like Colourtrain Academy to alleviate their stress and ensure they receive the tailored lessons they need.


As your child is nearing the final stretch this exam season, ask yourself how you can make this journey as smooth as possible for them. Just employ these tips where you can! After all, a major exam is a massive milestone in their lives – but it doesn't have to be as dreadful as they feel it would be.

And if you are looking for additional aid in this trying period, you can consider engaging the help of the math tutors at Colourtrain Academy, one of the best math tuition centres in Singapore. We are dedicated to helping your child improve and perform to the best of their abilities. Contact us today to learn more!

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