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Core Program (Visual Arts)

Regular & Holiday Program Available

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Junior 1 - 3


Age group: 3-4 years old

Our Junior Programme is designed to build up your child's motor skills, strengthen your child's colour recognition skills and ignite their interest in art. 

What your child will be learning:

- Exercising their imagination as they get to craft their own games, stories and puzzles during our art activities

- Taught our systematic colouring techniques and art crafting skills​

Main medium: Gel Pastels

Foundation 1 - 3


Age group: 4 - 6 years old

A multidisciplinary based art education with an aim to enhance your child’s learning abilities & creativity. Our modules enable your child to imagine, conceptualise & analyse so that he/she can progress creatively & intelligently.

What your child will be learning:

- Simple drawing skills via various thematic projects through observation

- Understanding of tones and simple color blending skills

- Creation of special colouring effects in various scenarios e.g. Day sky, Night sky, underwater etc. 

Main medium: Oil Pastels

Pre-Basic Level 

Age Group: 7-8 years old

Through a series of progressive, fun and creative drawing activities, your child will be inspired to develop his/her penciling skills. He/she will explore different subjects through observation drawing techniques using different types of lines, organic shapes, grids and perspective drawings. This course allows your child to attain both the theoretical and practical knowledge of drawing and serves as a great way for your child to build his/her confidence in drawing and embark on a journey to elevate their drawing skills

What your child will be learning:

  • Various types of lines, ratio, geometrical and basic organic shapes.

  • From flat 2D drawing to realistic 3D drawings of nature, animals and more.

  • Observational and Reference drawing.

  • Perspective drawing of indoor and outdoor.

Main medium: Oil Pastels

Basic Level 1 - 3


Age group: 7-9 years old

Introduction to creative drawing using fruits and animals as subjects, your child will explore a series of story based themes to create their very own original illustrations.

What your child will be learning:

  • Brainstorm ideas with the teacher (e.g. Where, what, when, how etc) and create their own unique storyline from a given subject .

  • Refine drawing skills with our 5 checklist method.

Intermediate Level 1 - 3


Age group: 10-12 years old

Introduction to Intermediate drawing, using human facial expressions and human figures. Your child will explore a series of human activities based themes to create their own original illustrations and posters.


What they will learn:

  • Brainstorm ideas and story from given subject.

  • Find inspiration from reference.

  • Expand ideas to draw with our composition techniques and proportions.

  • Colour using blending and toning methods using poster paint

Advanced Level 1 - 3


Age group: 13 - 16 years old

Your child will first learn how to Visualise, Compose, Sketch, Draw and Shade techniques in our Creative Drawing Course, followed by the study of Painting & Colouring techniques using water based mediums in our Creative Painting Course. After which he/she will be taught hot to create expressive poster illustrations using various composition studies and subjects in our Creative Illustration Course.


What they Learn:

  • Visualise and Conceptualise

  • Lines, Organic and Geometric Shapes, Forms and Perspective.

  • Simple Composition drawing.

  • Various Strokes and Shading with Tones.

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