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4 Tell-tale Signs Indicating Your Child Needs Math Tuition

4 Tell-tale Signs Indicating Your Child Needs Math Tuition

Mathematics is undoubtedly an important subject for children. It is a core subject they need to study in school as it equips them with skills they can use for the rest of their lives. Math provides children a solid basis for estimation, reasoning, and logical thinking. However, it cannot be denied that math can also be difficult for some children to learn.

Furthermore, it can be hard to tell whether your child needs help with math or not. More often than not, parents believe that their kids should only attend tuition when they start failing the subject. However, there are earlier signs indicating your child is struggling with math.

Below are some of the most common indications that your little one may require some extra help in math this year.

1. Their grades are declining

Your child’s grades can decline without moving to the point of great concern. For instance, your child may have previously been excellent in the subject, obtaining mainly A’s on their assignments and exams, but you may start to notice that their grades have dropped to B’s.

While this may not seem like a big deal since your child might still perform relatively better than their peers, it could indicate that they are losing confidence or failing to understand their math lessons fully. Hence, if your child’s math grades are declining, it is important to act on them before they hit an alarming point.

2. They lack discipline and are easily distracted

Getting distracted is an inevitable part of growing up, especially in today’s modern society, where the latest video games or television series can take up so much of your child’s time and attention. All these distractions can keep them away from reading their textbooks beyond class hours and practising math problems with their calculators. However, it is common knowledge that practising is key to mastering math!

Suppose your child is constantly distracted by various things at home. In that case, the best solution is to move an element of their learning into a less distracting and more stimulating environment. Specifically, a math tuition centre with expert teachers may inspire your kid to commit to serious learning for at least a few hours daily. This can provide them with a safe and comfortable space for learning math.

3. They have no enthusiasm

Not all children will be enthusiastic towards each school subject. However, if your child used to love math but does not show the same enthusiasm anymore, it may be time to check in with them, so you can understand what is happening. Their sudden loss of enthusiasm for math may signal that they are having difficulty with the topic they are currently learning in school.

Sometimes, it can also mean that math is just not as fun as it used to be for your child. In that case, it is highly recommended to seek the assistance of a good math tutor who can help restore your child’s interest in math. There are plenty of math tuition centres in Singapore that assist children in understanding math concepts by presenting them in a fun and engaging way. This can help inspire your child’s love of math again.

4. They ask for help

Asking for help is probably the most obvious warning sign that your child needs additional assistance in math. Although not every child is straightforward enough to ask their parents for a math tutor, some may easily recognise when they require extra help and support. Asking for help is basically an indication that your child is struggling but still eager to learn math.

So, if your kid reaches out to you and tells you that they may need help in math, it is important to listen to their request and discuss with them the reason why they feel like they need the assistance. This can help you better understand your child’s situation, so you can evaluate how they may be falling behind in their math education and how much assistance they need.


It is not uncommon for children to struggle with math. If your child is showing signs that they are currently having a difficult time with their math lessons, it is best to communicate with them immediately. Whether your child requires math tuition depends on effective communication with them. Ultimately, by signing them up for math tuition, your kid can adopt better learning strategies to spark or reignite their passion for math.

If you are searching for the most effective and reliable math tuition in Bukit Batok, Singapore, Colourtrain Academy has its doors open for you and your child! We offer smartly tailored yet affordable math tuition that caters to the needs and objectives of various students. One of our main goals at Colourtrain Academy is to inspire students to develop a love of math by making math concepts easier and more fun to understand. Contact us today for more information.

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