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The 4 Best Ways To Choose A Good Tuition Centre In Singapore

The tuition industry in Singapore is flourishing. In fact, research shows that its worth has well surpassed a billion Singapore dollars recently. This can only be a direct result of the emphasis placed on tuition for individuals to excel academically. With the curriculum becoming more challenging than ever, students require all the help they can get to keep up.

Tuition is necessary for young people today in a way that it hasn't been before. Therefore, parents are responsible for doing their due diligence and finding the best tuition centre for their child's unique needs and capabilities. Here are some factors you should consider when embarking on your search:

1. Size of the class

How well students learn can also depend on how big or small the class is. Tutors tend to find handling a big group of students challenging, while students can rarely get their individual questions answered due to the sheer size of the class. Fewer students in a class may make it easier for them to get their doubts eased and for teachers to meet the requirements of each student. This essentially means that a smaller class size will enable your child to enjoy a better learning environment and receive more individualised attention, especially for students struggling with certain subjects.

2. Past testimonials

When researching tuition centres, you may come across several that have all the right qualifications on paper. While this is important, how can you be certain that they can deliver on these promises? This is where testimonials come in. You can tell a tuition centre is of a more outstanding calibre when you hear from the perspective of past and current students and their parents. They will have an unbiased point of view about the services offered and can help you determine which tuition centre will be a good fit for your child.

3. Experience and qualifications

Ensure the company emphasises a rigorous hiring procedure while looking for your child's tuition centre in Singapore. The tuition market is worth an incredible amount. Unavoidably, there will be centres managed by untrained, profit-driven individuals. Thus, the management staff must be considered when choosing a centre. An establishment that values business over helping your child flourish to the fullest of their potential will strive to make a profit instead of teaching students effectively. This can result in problems such as large classrooms and inexperienced teachers needing help to hold onto their own in their classes. Ultimately, it's an ineffective way to learn.

4. Taking individual needs into account

And lastly, the most crucial consideration to make is how well the tuition centre can adapt to a student's individual needs. Even if the tutors are technically perfect and the curriculum is well-designed, it only means a little if your child still struggles with absorbing and retaining the information. When selecting the optimal tuition centre for your child, you must be aware of the areas where they could use help. They must be flexible. For instance, being able to teach maths in different ways can help students who process their lessons in other ways. The mark of a good tuition centre is when the teachers know how to address a student's struggle points and can tailor their lessons to tackle these issues.


Looking at the volume of tuition centres you'll find in Singapore, it's no wonder choosing one for your child to attend can be intimidating. Fortunately, these pointers will be useful in helping you select the best help for your child's academic requirements. Colourtrain Academy is a math tuition centre in Bukit Batok that meets all these needs and then some! Our team of tutors qualified tutors are here to aid your child in all their academic endeavours. Get in touch with us for more details!

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