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The Benefits Of The Sakamoto Method For Math Education

Tadayoshi Sakamoto, a Japanese educator, created the revolutionary Sakamoto Maths Method™ in the 1970s as an innovative approach to teaching mathematics. The approach emphasises creativity, critical thinking, conceptual comprehension, and problem-solving abilities while encouraging students to take a more active part in their own learning.

Teacher Clara at Colourtrain Academy specialises in utilising the Sakamoto Maths Method™ to provide students with adequate skills to achieve the best possible results by breaking down complex word problems with ease. Students can apply this approach to solve even the most challenging questions without difficulty. The best part is that, although it has its roots in Japan, The Sakamoto Maths Method™ curriculum has been customised to integrate seamlessly into the Singapore Primary Math curriculum. Parents need not be concerned that their child will be penalised for using this method to solve the questions during PSLE. Teacher Clara’s students' PSLE results are testimony to the effectiveness of The Sakamoto Maths Method™.

Improves problem-solving skills

One of the primary benefits of the Sakamoto Maths Method™ is that it focuses on problem-solving skills. The method encourages students to approach word problems logically and systematically by breaking down the problems into smaller and more manageable steps. This strategy helps students develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, which are essential for success in academics and professional life in the future. The concept behind the Sakamoto Maths Method™ & the model drawing method is similar, so you don't have to worry about your child being confused. Having said that, presentation-wise, it is different from the model drawing method, but it can be easily adapted when necessary.

Enhances conceptual understanding

Conceptual understanding is also an important part of the Sakamoto Maths Method™. Rather than memorising formulas and algorithms, this approach allows students to comprehend the underlying concepts behind complicated mathematical concepts. Students can apply their knowledge to a variety of issues and circumstances rather than just memorising facts. A full understanding of the concepts and principles of mathematical equations prepares students to apply them to real-life situations and solve problems more effectively and efficiently.

Improves motivation and confidence in math

One of the most significant benefits of the Sakamoto Maths Method™ is its ability to enhance confidence and motivation in students when it comes to math. Math might be a daunting subject for many students as it is associated with feelings of anxiety and frustration.

However, by emphasising creativity and problem-solving skills instead of analytical or memorisation skills, the Sakamoto Maths Method™ helps students overcome their math anxiety and feel more confident in their abilities and motivated to learn. This increased confidence and motivation can lead to improved academic performance.

Encourages independent learning

Last but not least, the Sakamoto Maths Method™ fosters independent learning for students. The method encourages students to take charge of their own learning rather than depending on conventional teaching methods. Independence is a trait that needs to be developed from a young age. Applying the Sakamoto Maths Method is an effective way to develop this trait in young children while helping them improve their learning abilities.


If your child struggles with solving mathematical word problems, or if you are looking for alternative solutions to help them fully understand mathematics, consider enrolling your child for a trial lesson with Colourtrain Academy! We provide math tuition in Bukit Batok that focuses on each student’s needs and goals to make sure they are on the right path towards success in mathematics. Do not hesitate to reach out to us today to learn more!

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