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Debunking 5 Common Misconceptions About Mathematics Tuition

Debunking 5 Common Misconceptions About Mathematics Tuition

Mathematics is arguably one of the most challenging subjects for most students in school. In a classroom setting, it can be hard to fully understand certain concepts or equations as students learn in a shared environment without time to slow down when needed. Therefore, many parents enrol their children in mathematics tuition for a more personalised learning experience.

However, despite the effectiveness of math tuition classes, many parents are still hesitant to enrol their children in tuition centres due to common misconceptions they may have heard about.

Read on as we debunk five common misconceptions and explain the truth.

1. Tuition is only for struggling students

One of the most common misconceptions about math tuition is that students only need it when they struggle or fail the subject. Of course, struggling students can benefit from math tuition classes as tutors can help them get back on track.

However, many tutors also work with students excelling in the subject. Math tuition can be a helpful push for students who are already doing well in the subject, especially those in advanced-level classes who need a little more guidance to ensure they stay on top of their game.

2. Tuition kills your child’s confidence

A common worry for parents regarding sending their child for math tuition is the message it sends to the child. Many parents might worry that their child might start thinking they are not good enough and, therefore, need extra math classes.

However, this is mostly untrue, as sending your child for math tuition classes shows them that you care and are willing to find resources to help them excel in mathematics. Once your child realises your dedication to their education, they will feel motivated to do well in their studies.

3. Tuition takes up too much time

Most parents want their children to lead a balanced life. If my child spends most of their time studying in school, why should they continue studying after school?

Although this is a common concern, parents should remember that tuition is not only about having extra study time, but it is also about your child having lessons that are tailored to their own learning style. Tuition does not feel like school because it isn't school. It is a valuable time for students to experience personalised learning that they might not be able to get in school.

4. Tuition is only needed during exam season

It is common to see parents enrolling their children for tuition classes when exam season is closing in. Although having some tuition classes is better than having none, there is no doubt that better results are seen when students have been enrolled in math tuition classes for a longer period of time.

As we all know, consistency is key; a student who has been gathering and retaining knowledge consistently for several months or years will find it much easier to study and revise than a student who only tries to catch up at the last minute. It is very challenging to do well in exams with last-minute revision. Therefore, parents should consider tuition early in a child's education lifecycle. It is also essential for parents to be aware of how to support their children during exam season.

5. Tuition encourages students to be dependent

Lastly, many parents think that tuition teaches children to be dependent as they count on their parents and tutors for their academic success. Some parents worry that their children might be unable to succeed independently due to having tuition classes.

In reality, tutors encourage independent learning during every step of the learning process. Although tutors provide guidance and enrich the student's learning, the students do all the work for themselves at the end of the day. Tuition classes encourage students to succeed in their academic studies and allow students to discover their learning styles while playing to their strengths.


Parents might be sceptical about enrolling their children for mathematics tuition classes due to the misconceptions listed in this article. However, it is important for parents to conduct the proper research and confirm the facts. Parents should also research the best tuition centres that can cater to their child’s needs.

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